Aiko Rokuro Kakuhyouke-komegura[the old rice granary] Bowl Exhibition

佐ノ川谷 藍子 覚兵家米蔵 器展

In south Osaka, Izumisano city[Sano-Matiba].

入り組んだ通りに大きな蔵が建ち並び、大変なにぎわいでした。そんな蔵の一つ、今は住宅街の路地の奥にひっそりと佇む「覚兵家米倉」(登録有形文化財 大阪・泉佐野市)。
In 19c,The Sano-Matiba had lived many wealthy merchants.There ware many granarys and storehouses for the trade.
This old rice granary is one of those.

I have eight exhibitions this place with my work of 120~150 bowls in 2008~2009..

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