GLAZE 釉薬について










I use combination of some basic glazes in Mino region[Gifu prefecture] and flash color one for the bisque-fired potteries.

A plate is put and dip with a kind of three or four simple glazes on drown kaolinite white and cobalt blue.

I fill those in kiln,and fire about 23 hours.This temperature reach to 1250℃. The glazes be melt and make same changes on the bowls.

『Straw-ash glaze』 It's color is brack before fire,but be white in kiln,because a silica rock element in the straw will change the thick white.It makes good feel of material on our rips.

『Feldspar glaze』Smashed feldspar glaze mixed with a small amount of plant-ash.It will be looks like a hard atmosphere,but make the good view on the bowls,because the glaze make small crack on surface after fire that hold water when into the tea or hot food.It looks like rain on the asphalt ground.  

『Momozome-Pink,Oribe-green,Kouchi-blue, colorful grazes』
Thoth glass glazes are colorful and very friendly with Mino-clay.because they are changed soft tone colors by Mino-clay's  little beige color after fire.