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○EXHIBITION   佐ノ川谷藍子 器展

土生神社鎮守の森 器展

持ち主や管理者さんにお願いして「佐ノ川谷藍子 器展」を自主企画しています。



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I make earthen pottery with my kick wheel and a particular clay called "Mino-tuti[美濃土]".
This accumulated ancient clay was on the bottom of the lake more than 10 million years ago. It is produced from Gifu Prefecture at the middle of japan .The clay has specially strong stickiness. When I push the clay on the kick wheel, I feel the clay push buck by itself.


I use "kick wheel" that rotate by kicking.

I used electricity wheel before.When I build my workshop,I interested in a performance of a pianist.Then I choose the kick wheel,so it can move by my move,I have a image that take a same breath with a clay bowl with that wood wheel.

The wheel can control the weak centrifugal force,and possible to make a uniform thickness
with good asymmetry expression.


I drew the theme of "Self Portrait"pictures with using a finger or palm when I was student,oil painting at art school; Osaka university of Art.

As saying "expression", all expressions are self-portrait. Expression means go out myself by press from my inside.Bowl size is compared one human's capacity in Japan,to keep, to transport, to save, Bowl has the important roles in all of the fluidity.  

I was in the conceptual art world in my undergraduate. It's extraordinary thing like the roller coaster ride. Pottery is in the daily world,and daily is huge at a human's life. Bowls and dishes,pottery is rare conductor that connect to eating.It's a root of life. 

I have interested in a sense of touch,the process, express a slow.Pottery is the vest way and most interesting conductor for me.


I have exhibition at Japanese old warehouse,empty shop in local town shopping street, the grove of a village shrine,or a space opened to daily side world in south Osaka.The bowl exhibition is held cafe or restaurant,delicious foods are good compatibility with earthen pottery of my work,sometimes.

I make pottery and show you with persons in this Sen-syuu region,South Osaka,Japan, who are helping me to use those places as my exhibition place.
I hold exhibitions about 2 to 4 times every month, at the schedule of one day to 5 days.
My try is in the individual person's daily essence tie to my works.

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