CLAY 土について









In japan,The tableware's clay is excellent in practical use that no-leak and strong,but I feel that the clay has weak stand up power. I use the my pieces the Minotuti clay that have very strong stand up power and a good sense of touch.My clay is mixed Minotuti clay and the tableware's clay[8:2or7:3].That is a way,I can get a strength to daily use and a feel of the material,and I fire the bowls long time and high temperature.The piece of my works got more strength like a hard-baked cookie.

Mino-Yaki[美濃焼Mino region pottery],Kyou-Yaki[京焼Kyouto pottery],and Hagi-yaki[萩焼Hagi region pottery],To maid by many Japanese clay potteries will get the drink's color.For example,the japanese tea,the miso-soup,and the soy sauce has a soft color.In japanese in tea ceremony,that stain colors is not a dirt.That is a good point in the tea bowl.It is said that 「KESHIKI GA TUKU」[景色がつくthe bowl  got a  good view] or「JIDAI GA TUKU」[時代がつくthe bowl is growing in the  long times].Those results are honored.Because that bowl have used regularly by owner's affection.

But now,the stain colors make complaint sometimes from large stores's customer.That's way, Many Japanese potters and  pottery stores are using a silicone for there pieces.
Siliconized bowls doesn't get the stain colors.

I think that the silliconized bowls are not natural.I don't use completely the silicone for my pieces.Those non-siliconized pottery is glad for organic restaurants and organic food users.

My pieces will get the stain colors slowly.I don't design the coffee cup and beer cup to conspicuous colors.I hope to feel the KESHIKI[景色bowl's good view by stain colors] for the users.
It's a expression of your process and  your affection.